It's the Most Romantic Time of the Year

Not only is Santa scheduled to arrive in 10 days, but a wave of engagements is sure to follow. I am not just relying on my own newsfeed in throwing that out - 18% of all engagements happen in December, with Christmas Eve being the most popular day to pop the question.  So ever-ready Over the Moon asked me to put together some bride-to-be-over-the-holidays looks, which I think can also sub for a good New Years outfit if you're not in the nuptials-state-of-mind. 

Speaking of Over the Moon, don't miss their Gift Guides I've been helping with, too. We got some for the bride-to-be, the moms, the dads, the travelers, the squad, the couples, and the BFF - with more to come!

Sapphire Flower Earrings - Croghan's Jewel Box// Gold Flower Earrings - Katherine Cordero

To & From: the Bride

Gifting is my love language and when I get asked by friends about gift ideas for brides-to-be I do a little happy dance. So in the spirit of all things wedding this week (thanks to this little thing on Over the Moon), I'm listing my go-to gifts to give to your bride friends. Also included are gifts for the bride to give, because everyone knows a bridezilla/chilla's way to her friends' hearts is with a lil' somethin' somethin' wrapped up real nice with a little bow on top. And maybe a reasonable mandatory wake-up time.

And can I just say there are few things that are as special-slash-sentimental than an unexpected bouquet delivery. From bride to bridesmaid or vice versa - some surprise flowers with a little note (saying how excited you are, what the countdown to the big day is, how you just ate a bagel and are finding gift-giving therapeutic in the face of wedding diet failure, etc.) makes for some warm and fuzzy feelings all around. Which is why the backdrop of today's post are some picture perfect florals by House of Lilac - Miami gifters extraordinaire that you should check out for any and every gift idea (after reading this post, le duh).

  1. The Mrs. Box (from $75) - One of my best friends gifted me this ring box, which I still keep on my bedside table. The boxes, known as wedding heirlooms, can be customized with the bride's initials and come in beautiful shades of velvet.
  2. Nicola Bathie Earrings (from $150) - The San Antonio designer makes stunning earrings from natural stones and works closely with brides to create the perfect accessory for their bridesmaids.
  3. Dixie Design Collective Stationary Gift Set ($100) - Brides will actually look forward to writing thank you cards with these beautiful, personalized stationary sets, each imprinted with designs by amazing artists like Gina Langford (my personal fav).
  4. Wedding Invitation Decoupage Plate (from $68) - Before throwing out the wedding invite, consider sending to Marye-Kelley to turn it into a decoupage plate, which the bride will keep as a special memento and solidify your ranking as best gift-giver. 
  5. Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Box (from £195) - These rank at the tippity top of gifts in my book, since they can be personalized with an embossed message in your own handwriting and a photo inside the lid.
  6. India Amory Robes (from $60) - The chic bridesmaid gift that will never go out of style or out of use, made from easy and breathable Indian block-printed cotton.

Off to College: Grad Gift Guide

My youngest sister graduated high school yesterday, and as much as I wish I could've been in Miami, among the sea of a thousand plus spectators, to hear eighteen year olds make speeches about the world being their oyster and squeal about this summer being THE one to remember and sob to as we go on, we remember all the times we had together..., I unfortunately had to miss it (for this thing I have called a *job*). Being unable to attend was probably for the best, however, as I don't think I have the emotional fortitude to withstand the "you people don't even know how good you have it about to start the best four years of your life I would trade my left pinky to go back" mental black hole that I would've inevitably free fallen into. Being an overly nostalgic Capricorn is *literally* in my DNA - sue me

If you're as #blessed as I am to have a college-bound millennial in your life, today's post presents some off-you-go gift ideas, inspired by the joys of dorm-life that await (explained in the youth's poetic medium of choice: hashtags). I would have bought my sister everything pictured below, but for the fact I’ve already maxed out my “shopping” allocation of this month’s budget and she would likely think it all not her style simply for the reason I suggested it. Little does she know her big sister had not one, but TWO glasses of wine before going to bed at 10:30 last night and has a wait for it 6:30 pm dinna rez tonight - aka I still got it

Super Stacked Desk Organizer - Poppin// Toiletry Bags - Roberta Roller Rabbit// Monogrammed Backpack - L Uniform// Domino's Gift Card - Walmart// Kitty Card Case - Charlotte Olympia// School Pennant - College Flags & Banners Co.// Mexican Dress - El Interior// Canvas Travel Bag - Paravel// Sheet Set - Biscuit Home// Babouche Slippers - Llani// Mini Refrigerator - Urban Outfitters// Eye Mask - Temper Rowe

Get It For Your Mama: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is on Sunday. I know, thank goodness you have me in your lives because no other media outlet has bothered to remind you. So we are (insert DJ swizzle sounds here) changing things up today and jumping on the gift guide bandwagon. From now on I want to hear no more "Dag gummit I never know what to get my mom, UGH!!and more "I betta thank my lucky stars for next-day shipping!!!". 

Keep reading to get the skinny on these ten picks. Unless you are my mom (my most devoted-slash-borderline-creepy reader) - stop now or risk ruining the surprise! 

  1. Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour Tickets (prices vary) - Dance party with you, Mom and Bruno? Surefire way to safeguard your position as the favorite child. 
  2. Baccarat Lucky Butterfly ($140) - In case Mom needs a visual representation on her nightstand of how much you love her, how awesome you are, how proud of you she is, etc. etc
  3. Addison Weeks Frame ($58) - You can never go wrong with a framed photo. This Addison Weeks hardware is a nice addition to Mom's ever-growing shrine to you. 
  4. Aerin Corviglia Spice Candle ($80) - Caught a whiff of this for the first time this week and the only appropriate words to use here are: game-changer. Not too flowery or sweet and just the right amount of "damn that smells good." 
  5. Bouquet Subscription (prices vary) - Fresh flowers are always, always worth the hype. Which is why I'm all about setting up a subscription - think of it like auto-pay for regularly scheduled delivered happiness. The Bouqs Co. offers one in participating cities and if you're in Miami the best option is House of Lilac (talk about a swoon-worthy insta).
  6. Anya Hindmarch Bespoke (prices vary) - I love the bespoke option offered by Anya Hindmarch, which lets you customize different pieces with your own handwriting. If your love language is gift-giving (as mine is), this is top-notch stuff. On my wedding day I gifted my Mom the Maud clutch, which had a quote I had written from the book she read me as a little girl etched inside (see, I do have a heart).
  7. Diptyque Body Lotion ($60) - Dare I say it? I'ma say it - this is better than Baies. 
  8. Silken Favours Skinny Scarf (£125.00) - Perfect accessory for all the tiger mamas out there. Holla for a dolla if your lullabies growing up were also Battle Hymns of the Tiger Mother
  9. Bedazzled Pill Organizer ($30) - My new favorite Etsy find that helps add a little sparkle to your Mom's morning routine while also giving a subtle nod to the aging-can-be-fabulous movement. 
  10. Sea & Grass Basket Purse ($110) - Just when your Mom thought she had everything, you throw the cutest, sturdiest, perfect-est basket purse into her mix. Talk about a summa-staple.