What's in my bag


"How do you not buy it all?"

is the question I get asked the most. Behind each collage is a serious online shopping quest - and as with any exploration - one is tempted to pick up souvenirs along the way. The short answer to that question is the obvious one: I can't (not enough money, room, occasions, or stamina to defend the credit card bill each month).  

The long answer is some souvenirs do indeed make it home (can I live?!), while others remain in my shopping cart, eagerly awaiting my willpower to crack and the metaphorical toy crane that is my cursor to click the "proceed to checkout" button. My ability to see (and reason) depreciates as I stare into the glow of my computer and imagine the stress these items feel while in their state of Annie the orphan limbo: is today the day? will I ever have a closet to call home?

Here are the souvenirs - some in or en-route to my closet, some waiting in my shopping bags - but each making the angel on my shoulder work overtime.  So to borrow from and paraphrase our animal rights friends, adopt, do shop.