Get It For Your Mama: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is on Sunday. I know, thank goodness you have me in your lives because no other media outlet has bothered to remind you. So we are (insert DJ swizzle sounds here) changing things up today and jumping on the gift guide bandwagon. From now on I want to hear no more "Dag gummit I never know what to get my mom, UGH!!and more "I betta thank my lucky stars for next-day shipping!!!". 

Keep reading to get the skinny on these ten picks. Unless you are my mom (my most devoted-slash-borderline-creepy reader) - stop now or risk ruining the surprise! 

  1. Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour Tickets (prices vary) - Dance party with you, Mom and Bruno? Surefire way to safeguard your position as the favorite child. 
  2. Baccarat Lucky Butterfly ($140) - In case Mom needs a visual representation on her nightstand of how much you love her, how awesome you are, how proud of you she is, etc. etc
  3. Addison Weeks Frame ($58) - You can never go wrong with a framed photo. This Addison Weeks hardware is a nice addition to Mom's ever-growing shrine to you. 
  4. Aerin Corviglia Spice Candle ($80) - Caught a whiff of this for the first time this week and the only appropriate words to use here are: game-changer. Not too flowery or sweet and just the right amount of "damn that smells good." 
  5. Bouquet Subscription (prices vary) - Fresh flowers are always, always worth the hype. Which is why I'm all about setting up a subscription - think of it like auto-pay for regularly scheduled delivered happiness. The Bouqs Co. offers one in participating cities and if you're in Miami the best option is House of Lilac (talk about a swoon-worthy insta).
  6. Anya Hindmarch Bespoke (prices vary) - I love the bespoke option offered by Anya Hindmarch, which lets you customize different pieces with your own handwriting. If your love language is gift-giving (as mine is), this is top-notch stuff. On my wedding day I gifted my Mom the Maud clutch, which had a quote I had written from the book she read me as a little girl etched inside (see, I do have a heart).
  7. Diptyque Body Lotion ($60) - Dare I say it? I'ma say it - this is better than Baies. 
  8. Silken Favours Skinny Scarf (ยฃ125.00) - Perfect accessory for all the tiger mamas out there. Holla for a dolla if your lullabies growing up were also Battle Hymns of the Tiger Mother
  9. Bedazzled Pill Organizer ($30) - My new favorite Etsy find that helps add a little sparkle to your Mom's morning routine while also giving a subtle nod to the aging-can-be-fabulous movement. 
  10. Sea & Grass Basket Purse ($110) - Just when your Mom thought she had everything, you throw the cutest, sturdiest, perfect-est basket purse into her mix. Talk about a summa-staple.