NYC on the Noggin

Today I'm physically in Houston but mentally in New York Cit-ay. The reason being that tonight is the sixth annual Iron Horse Party, a yearly Tribeca Rooftop shindig that donates 100% of the proceeds to ALS research through the ALS Association and Team Gleason (funds are split between research for a cure and care for those currently afflicted). What's my role in all of this, you're thinking (no one is thinking this, Natalie - it ain't always 'bout you!)? My role is that I am the proud amiga to many of the names on the host list, which if you ask me (always a dangerous thing to do) reads more like a roster for if-you-go-to-NYC-without-hanging-out-with-these-people-you're-a-big-fat-fool. But therein lies the beauty of this party - it's a really good time, with really incredible people, for a really worthwhile cause.

And it's exactly where I would be tonight if I wasn't oh about 1,600 miles away. So instead, I'm thinking about all ma' frands in the big manzana and doing that thing where I wonder what the plan is before getting to the party, who came in from out of town, and what everyone's wearing tonight (le duh), but dare not ask for self-preservation-from-FOMO purposes. What better way to cope than to come up with some NYC-themed outfits. My minds on you, New York, New York (ta-ta-ta-na-na, ta-ta-ta-na-na).

Teal Glitter Earrings - EachToOwn// Mint Dress - Cushnie et Ochs// Metallic Heels - Zara// Black Drop Earrings - Suzanna Dai// Paillette Top - H&M (sold out, found one here)// Velvet Pants - A.L.C.// Taxi Cab Clutch - Kate Spade// Powder Puff Heel - Aquazurra// Red Beaded Earrings - Datka Jewelry// New York City Print Dress - Anna Sui// NYC Map Clutch - Kate Spade// Blue Strappy Heels - Zara