The Mind-Altering Power of an Eloise Nichols Tater Tot

When an unidentified pipe falls out from beneath your cheap Jeep (it's a term of endearment) and the unveiling of Eloise Nichols' breakfast menu (see below) lands on the same Monday morning, you know the stars have aligned. Viola! A welcome disruption to your typical morning routine. You drive across town to tackle both head-on as you think to yourself: You so spontaneous today! And livin' life on the edge by driving a car we're not sure is driveable! You go GURL. In fact, you should treat yo'self with some tater tots. And that's exactly what you do. 

But what you may not have been aware of is when you start your day with some fresh tater tots, the deep-fried grated 'tatas can affect your entire outlook in unexpected ways. The dreaded Monday blues dissipate as the aroma of taters takes over and before you know it your entire perspective has quite literally turned golden. You wonder if they've laced the tots with some happy pill fairy dust while you master your a.m. to-do list, bill a cool 15 mins (productive!), and dream up a swanky outfit from the swanky bar. You are unfazed by the monotonous interaction at the dealership that follows or your chatty-Cathy Uber driver, and you arrive to the office beaming like glistening oil on a cylindrical-shaped-crispy-hash-brown. Rise and shine, indeed.

Want to turn that Monday frown upside down? Forget taking the red pill or the blue pill - just opt for the tots and be teleported to a breakfast wonderland courtesy of Eloise Nichols. 

Black Flower Earrings - Cult Gaia// Sunglasses - Karen Walker// Military Coat - Alix of Bohemia// Floral Jumpsuit - Whistles// Striped Circle Purse - Whistles// Hearts Keychain - Min & Mon// Patent Slides - Madewell