Go Spurs Go

Hell hath no fury like a die-hard Spurs fan seeing their team give up the lead.  So on behalf of my husband, whose devotion to the team and passion for the game lead to his watching it standing 5 inches away from the TV screen and results in a lights-out ritual if it's looking like defeat (as in, every source of light except the glow of my laptop screen is dramatically, abruptly, and symbolically turned off - gotta love a Scorpio), today I'm lighting my metaphorical Santeria candle for the Spurs. They're a team my non-native self has grown to cheer for (what's yours is mine - including Spurs fandom) and love (in part because of Kawhi's make-me-melt-sad-puppy-dog expression, but mostly because of the humble and hardworking hometown-hero vibes they're known for).  

So while we'll be watching the game from Houston tonight, our minds will no doubt be in Oakland (mine slightly sidetracked by imagining what I would wear if I were in attendance), and our fingers will be quadruple-crossed in hopes for a win. Viva los Spurs, babay

Black & White PJ Top - Bebe// Silver Skirt - Asos// Silver & Teal Beaded Earrings - Indian Summer Collection// Tri-Color Heels - Katy Perry Collections// Black & Silver Earrings - Mignonne Gavigan// Metallic Top - Tory Burch// Silk Scarf - Hermes// Crop Jeans - Paige// Basketball Purse - Andrea Bergart// Silver Heels - Mango// Tri-Color Tassel Earrings - Genie Mack// Polka Dot Dress - Dodo Bar Or// OMG Clutch - Sophia Webster// Studded Heels - Ruthie Davis// Wine Glass - Etsy// Stemless Wine Glass - Etsy