Q: What To pack for a Ranch Weekend? A: This! (And a personal Cooler)

Hump day is both a time to marvel at your resiliency in making it halfway through the work week and to contemplate the weekend shenanigans at bay. My personal projections lead to a friend's ranch in south Texas, to which I've never been and from which I may never return. Something about being deep in the heart of rural Texas makes returning to the office on Monday seem more of an optional kinda thing. 

Our host sent a detail email earlier this week that reads in part: "It will be warm, so I just wanted to give you a heads up that we killed four snakes around the compound over the weekend." While that may unnerve the average reader, I want you all to know I am UNPHASED (such news serves the master plan well - a snake bite seems like a legit get out of Monday-free card to moi), but will pack accordingly nonetheless. Stay tuned for a recap of how I negotiated a mutually-beneficial relationship with the serpents by incorporating them into my ranch look (I'm-a-Slave-4-U-style) or a blogging hiatus caused by a near death experience from snake venom a-la-Cleopatra (open to either scenario because I'm just chill like that).

Bird Earrings - Wed to White// White Embroidered Top - Chantik// White Jeans - Industry Standard// Blue Slides - DVF// Black San Antonio Top - El Interior// Black Jeans - Industry Standard// Brown Boots - Tecovas// Green Horse Hair Earrings - Elizabeth Lanier// Tortoise Mirrored Sunglasses - Illesteva// Bikini - Camp Cove// Sunscreen Mist - Super Goop// Gingham Dress - Zara// Tri-Colored Slides - Charlotte Stone// Herringbone Hat - Jeanne Simmons// Black Tank - Splendid// Light Wash Jeans - DL1961// Black Boots - City Boots// Turquoise & Red Beaded Earrings - Indian Summer Collection// Pom Pom Earrings - WestPack// White Eyelet Top - Anthropologie// White Shorts - Mother// Teal Cooler - Yeti// Fringe Sandals - Matiko