For Bumps Everywhere

This one is dedicated to the mommies-to-be: there are more of you in my life than there ever have been and I love you double the amount I did before (which is a lot). This is a fair statement, since you're currently the receptacles of my future besties - so double the love you deserve. Happy early Mother's Day to the best future (and current) mothers of America (more like the world). There are a lot of little girls entering the world in the fall of 2k17, and I'll be welcoming them with wide open (We can do it!) arms - the future is female, y'all. 

But while I'm on my virtual soap box (hear-ee, hear-ee), I will take this opportunity to also dedicate today's post to the ladies out there that are expecting with a different kind of bรฉbรฉ - food babies. This is the only kind of bump I can relate to (besides the normal belly one gets from just like, living a sedentary lifestyle) - and while it doesn't hold a candle to how magical the real-baby bumps are (I know there are other adjectives, but we'll keep things positive given my Moaning Myrtle vibes yesterday), food-baby bumps nonetheless present similar wardrobe obstacles, however seemingly impermanent they may be.

So I've rounded up a few of my favorite preggo-friendly frocks, because your bump (and whatever it's holding) deserves to be free, unconstrained, and adorned with style. Whether they're your go-tos for nine months or just for that why-the-F-did-I-eat-pasta-for-lunch-and-was-the-garlic-bread-truly-necessary,-Natalie? moment, these dresses are sure to serve you well. 

Kirjo Print Dress - Marimekko// Red Ruffle Dress - Lisa Marie Fernandez// Blue & Red Pom Pom Mules - Frances Valentine// Abstract Print Dress - Apiece Apart// Pink Ruffle Dress - Lisa Marie Fernandez// Lime Satin Slides - Miu Miu// Blue & White Stripe Dress - Tomas Mason for J. Crew