I Wish You A Merry May Ninth

Only 230 days until Christmas. Anyone else get pangs for the most wonderful time of the year just as summer is about to take center stage? There's something about how the humidity hangs heavily in the air, just ready to make itself at home (who invited you!?) that makes me want to hit the fast forward button to fall. And then just thinking about it gets me more antsy and I sink deeper into this bizarre, inverted seasonal affective disorder that can only be understood by the other CAs (Christmaholics Anonymous) in my midst.

Even saying the C-word at this time of year seems like a no-no, but as I saw today's collage evolve from a this-is-like-SO-random to a red-and-green-are-the-only-colors-that-matter-to-me theme, I decided the honest thing to do would be to acknowledge the Freudian slip at work here. So there ya have it. If you similarly find yourself gravitating towards this color combo, know this: you are not alone and Santa is always watching. 

Flower Earrings - Marni// White Top - The Edit// Red Pants - By Walid// Calf Hair Clutch - Brother Vellies// Kitty Slides - Charlotte Olympia// Heart Sunglasses - Saint Laurent// Red Beaded Earrings - Anthropologie// One Shoulder Tassel Dress - Rhode Resort// Crochet Heels - Schutz// Ball Hoops - Mercedes Salazar// Red & White Romper - Keepsake// Green & White Heels - Castaner