Off to College: Grad Gift Guide

My youngest sister graduated high school yesterday, and as much as I wish I could've been in Miami, among the sea of a thousand plus spectators, to hear eighteen year olds make speeches about the world being their oyster and squeal about this summer being THE one to remember and sob to as we go on, we remember all the times we had together..., I unfortunately had to miss it (for this thing I have called a *job*). Being unable to attend was probably for the best, however, as I don't think I have the emotional fortitude to withstand the "you people don't even know how good you have it about to start the best four years of your life I would trade my left pinky to go back" mental black hole that I would've inevitably free fallen into. Being an overly nostalgic Capricorn is *literally* in my DNA - sue me

If you're as #blessed as I am to have a college-bound millennial in your life, today's post presents some off-you-go gift ideas, inspired by the joys of dorm-life that await (explained in the youth's poetic medium of choice: hashtags). I would have bought my sister everything pictured below, but for the fact I’ve already maxed out my “shopping” allocation of this month’s budget and she would likely think it all not her style simply for the reason I suggested it. Little does she know her big sister had not one, but TWO glasses of wine before going to bed at 10:30 last night and has a wait for it 6:30 pm dinna rez tonight - aka I still got it

Super Stacked Desk Organizer - Poppin// Toiletry Bags - Roberta Roller Rabbit// Monogrammed Backpack - L Uniform// Domino's Gift Card - Walmart// Kitty Card Case - Charlotte Olympia// School Pennant - College Flags & Banners Co.// Mexican Dress - El Interior// Canvas Travel Bag - Paravel// Sheet Set - Biscuit Home// Babouche Slippers - Llani// Mini Refrigerator - Urban Outfitters// Eye Mask - Temper Rowe