It's the Most Romantic Time of the Year

Not only is Santa scheduled to arrive in 10 days, but a wave of engagements is sure to follow. I am not just relying on my own newsfeed in throwing that out - 18% of all engagements happen in December, with Christmas Eve being the most popular day to pop the question.  So ever-ready Over the Moon asked me to put together some bride-to-be-over-the-holidays looks, which I think can also sub for a good New Years outfit if you're not in the nuptials-state-of-mind. 

Speaking of Over the Moon, don't miss their Gift Guides I've been helping with, too. We got some for the bride-to-be, the moms, the dads, the travelers, the squad, the couples, and the BFF - with more to come!

Sapphire Flower Earrings - Croghan's Jewel Box// Gold Flower Earrings - Katherine Cordero

Order Some Orderves

When you have genius friends you get to enjoy their genius ideas. And because it's Christmas and I'm feeling Santa-generous, I want to share this enjoyment with all the good little girls and boys out there. So allow me to introduce you to The Orderves Company

What is it? It's a concept turned reality by one of my very best friends, who saw a need for delicious and easy gourmet appetizers without the fuss that usually accompanies such things. Each ready-to-order small dish is made by hand and arrives at your door, ready to be placed in the freezer until it's hostess-with-the-mostess time. 

Why do I love it? Because ain't nobody (especially me) got time (or the know-how) to casually whip up things like spicy cheese crackers, ham biscuits, mini beef wellingtons, or lobster arancini risotto balls (my personal fav). And when you have friends over for a glass of wine, holiday pop-ins, or adult pre-games (do the cool kids still use that word?), you don't (always) want to serve string cheese sticks or microwavable taquitos on your wedding china.

Orderves is the graduated "apps" and the accessible hors d'oeuvres - casual, delicious, and very doable. Also very inspiring (hence today's collage) and very perfect as a Christmas gift for anyone who can already foreshadow feelings of social-wipe-out post-holidays.

'Getcha and 'gift-ya some here

How Lovely Are Your Outfits

Sing it with me now

Red, green and gold, you party on
Sip hot toddies, 'til they're all gone
The most festive threads, you always don
How lovely are your outfits

Cigarettes Ornament - Biscuit Home// Plaid Belt - Ann Mashburn// Red Sunglasses - Perverse// Staffordshire Dog Ornament - Rebecca Gardner's Sugar Plum Pop Up

Modern Day Mrs. Claus

I never thought I would say this, but there will be no Christmas tree for me this year. Having just moved into our house a little over a week ago and still waiting on some crucial pieces of furniture (i.e. sofa, chairs), it just doesn't seem like the right environment to bring in an innocent little Fraser Fir. Especially since we would have to sit on the floor to marvel at it and tell it how lovely its branches are - it. deserves. better.  

With that being said, I have resolved to redirect the usual intensity and pizzazz I save for the Christmas tree into some holiday collages. Lucky (or not so lucky) for you, this means a whole lot of festive, glittery things that are as fun and sparkly as they may be impractical. But then again, so are Christmas trees... 

Star Earrings - Makua// Snake Clutch - Poppy Lissiman