Modern Day Mrs. Claus

I never thought I would say this, but there will be no Christmas tree for me this year. Having just moved into our house a little over a week ago and still waiting on some crucial pieces of furniture (i.e. sofa, chairs), it just doesn't seem like the right environment to bring in an innocent little Fraser Fir. Especially since we would have to sit on the floor to marvel at it and tell it how lovely its branches are - it. deserves. better.  

With that being said, I have resolved to redirect the usual intensity and pizzazz I save for the Christmas tree into some holiday collages. Lucky (or not so lucky) for you, this means a whole lot of festive, glittery things that are as fun and sparkly as they may be impractical. But then again, so are Christmas trees... 

Star Earrings - Makua// Snake Clutch - Poppy Lissiman