Wherefore Art Thou, Spring Break?

Ah yes, spring break. We used to be more than just acquaintances. It's a friendships I held on to as long as I could; it withstood my Teach for America and law school days. But alas, the bond is broken. All that is left is a half-empty promise to return way in the future, when I have children who need entertaining during a school holiday.

And to be perfectly honest the idea of that reunion with my good childhood/college/young adult friend Spring Break just doesn't tickle my pickle at the moment. In fact, it makes me flare my nostrils and eye roll in much the same way scrolling through Instagram and seeing mid-week vacation-bound people while I make a permanent (yet comfortable) dent in my office chair does. 

But lest I leave you with the impression that I'm bitter and old and a woe-is-me mood-killer (who, me?), know that - even if for a fleeting moment - shopping for swimwear and beach accessories is enough to harken back fond memories with dear #SBK and enough to put a (fleeting) smile on my very pale, Vitamin D-deficient face. 

Palm Hoop Earrings - Suzanna Dai// Blue & White Pareo - India Amory// Fish Purse - Zara// Brown Leather Sandals - Zara//