Mamas of the Brides

As a survivor of a little something I like to call my-mother-was-the-showstopper-at-my-wedding, I'm here to assuage the qualms some brides-to-be may have of going through a similar life experience. Chances are, if you're at risk of MMWTSAMW, you're already comfortable living in mother dearest's shadow and she is kind of a showstopper on a day to day basis. I'll cut to the short of it - this road to recovery is much like all others: accept it, move on, and find the silver lining.  

The silver lining I hang my hat on is the thought of one day inheriting the emerald green Carolina Herrera gown my mom wore to my wedding (and upstaging my future daughter at her own nuptials - I kid, I kid....lolz). So when Over the Moon asked me to pull some MOB looks this week, I wasn't just helping all the future mother-the-brides, but the future brides too. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, and brides lose less sleep when their moms wear a dress the bride gets to keep. Toma-toe, toma-to

White Flower Sandals - Oscar De La Renta// Mama Clutch - Edie Parker// Handkerchief - Hibiscus Linens