Rodeo: Week Dos

Another week of Houston Rodeo, another week of western wear. This time with a little less frills and a little more leather to symbolize the no-nonsense attitude you can feel in that crisp NRG air when calves refuse to be tied down and bulls try to jump out of their pens. Kinda like when I release my pent up aggression from being confined to a cubicle all day by treating myself to an almond croissant on ze way to work (arriving 10 minutes later than usual? So be it!). Rock on and rodeo on, amigos. 

Snakeskin Boots - Miron Crosby// Rose Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// White Star Boots - Miron Crosby//  Embroidered Skirt - Zara// Black & Silver Star Boots - Miron Crosby// Cockatoo Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Tassel Clutch - Riley Versa// Black Star Boots - Miron Crosby