Oscars inspired: Teal & Mint

Anyone else have a movie marathon to cram for the Oscars this weekend? When I learned Amazon released nearly all of the nominees, I went on a streaming spree. I started with The Darkest Hour (and may or may not have dozed off into a three hour nap midway through), proceeded to watch The Shape of Water (and haven't stopped thinking about the set, imagery and music since), had a is-this-my-defining-movie? moment while watching Ladybird (I too was a all-girl Catholic schoolgirl with a bad dye job, what some may call "mommy issues," and a mouth that often led me to the Dean's office), and ended with Call Me By Your Name (which left me day dreaming of being a teenager in lurve in Northern Italia while playing Sufjan Stevens on repeat - come si dice dream-y?). 

I've never thought of myself as a visual learner, but after this weekend I may be a visual inspirat-ee (as in, the object of the verb inspire, for those who will entertain my linguistic shenanigans). Something about the teals and mints in the Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name and the cool, calming, and symbolic effect these greenish hues had during the portrayal of the respective love stories left me gravitating towards the same for today's collage. Just as both movies were enhanced by the effect this color palettes had on the romantic stories told, methinks your summer wardrobe could also use some teal-enhancement and minty refreshing.

Embroidered Skirt/Dress - Mi Golondrina// Sage Topknots - Hart Hagerty