Safari Daydream

It happened again. Friends went on a safari getaway, I spend my working hours watching them feed giraffes whilest I feed myself a granola bar, and I'm left with nothing but a desire to go on a Afrique c'est chic adventure. As is usually the case, I'll make do with watching some Planet Earth and imagining what I would have packed. 

Headband - Zara// Leopard Earrings - Zara// Blazer - Zara// Panama Hat - Zara// Bikini Top - Juan De Dios// Bikini Bottom - Juan De Dios// Beaded Hoop Earrings - Deepa Gurnani// Croc Bucket Bag - Trademark// White Beaded Earrings - Deepa Gurnani

Summer Staples

Mid-July feels like we're smack dab in the middle of the summer season, which means we're in the thick of the weekend getaway, outdoor BBQ, darty (day party, for those of you who don't speak college) at the playa, etc. momentum. Like all else in this vida, the time just flies by, so better spend it looking fly (perhaps one of my best puns yet!?). These looks will get you through all the above and more. 

Natural Flat Sandal - Zara// Off the Shoulder Dress - Misa Los Angeles// Sunglasses - Raen

Take a Walk on the Dark Side

Black: it's not just for the fall and/or winter. While it may not be the go-to resort wear color, there's still a way to incorporate it this time of year without looking like Wednesday Adams-goes-to-the-playa (a look I admittedly don't hate, but isn't the most requested around these parts). So bust out the black without any feelings of sweaty dread and take a walk on the dark side. 

All Aboard the One-Piece Train

Blame it on the utility-aspect or on being preggo (say what?! yes - I've decided to just drop that ever-so-nonchalantly in a "oh, this old thing?"-esque way, because the focus of this blog ain't me and my ever-expanding corpus, it's FASH-UN!), but I'm all aboard the one-piece train. I may even be in the running for conductor (tootin' my own horn because the pun is too good not to) after Over the Moon asked me to round up a few of my favorites. There's just something about being able to feel Baywatch-confident in a swimsuit while also not fearing a slight (or substantial) beer (or baby) belly that encapsulates the power of the one piece. It's a worthy investment, so here are some worthy contenders. 

Crochet One Piece - She Made Me// Swan Swimsuit - Verde Limon// Floral Strapless One Piece - Malai Swimwear

The Summer Weekend Escape

My personal favorite part about the summer season is the weekend escape. Something about the three-month vacation you used to have as a student mentality lingers on, leaving me absolutely antsy pants come every Friday. So whether its by road or air or sea, I'm ready to pack my bags and get going... to anywhere, really. 

So when Over the Moon asked me to put together a weekend-in-the-Hamptons packing list-collage, I tapped into that get-me-outta-here state of mind and blew some dust off the ole' I went-to-Talkhouse-back-in-my-day memories. And so I leave you with some words I *literally* just came up with: nothing is worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot to pack something, and nothing is better than having all you need (for 48 hours) in a carry on. 

Pareo - India Amory// Pajama Set - Lake Pajamas// Monogram Cosmetic Bag - Over the Moon