Hold On To Summer

I feel no sort of rush to stop wearing summer clothes, which may or may not be because Houston is sure to continue feeling like a sauna for another two months (at least). So I'm keeping it easy breezy on here for now and giving you a (hopefully) nice break from the velvets and furs that are dominating your air waves. Keep the spritzes a'coming. 

Mother of Pearl & Quartz Earrings - Nicola Bathie

Ear Candy

I need another pair of fun earrings like I need a hole in the head. Big, colorful earrings are my weakness, so when Over the Moon asked me to pick my favorite summertime statement pieces, I went with my tried and true motto: the bigga, the betta. Spice up your earlobes, peoples. 

Cosmic Earrings - We Dream in Colour// Silver Branch Stud - Gabrielle Jewelry// Tutti Frutti Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Petal Topknots - Hart Hagerty// Silver & Pearl Earrings - Mi Golondrina// Mismatched Triple Tier Earrings - Roxanne Assoulin

Infinity Day

Apparently today is Infinity Day, a holiday (I can only assume known & celebrated by few), celebrated on the eighth day of the eighth month in honor of all things philosophy (deep questions, universal mysteries, and the like). So what is my contribution to the occassion, you ask? These summertime outfits I love x infinity, le duh. And as for today's rumination: why do I continue to fall in lust with crop tops while being 6 months preggo? 

Bronze Flower Studs - Gabrielle Jewelry 

Black on Black

While summertime is the season (if there is one) to look like a walkin' talkin' rainbow, there's still the occasional moment that black calls your name from the closet, begging for a night out on the town. And now that it's officially August (what the what!?), investing in some black is a wise transitional choice. Which is why Over the Moon asked me to put together some dark looks that are just as appropriate for ze summer as they will be in a couple months. So paint it black, my peoples. 

Black & Pearl Heels - Schutz// Wicker Bag - Cult Gaia

Safari Daydream

It happened again. Friends went on a safari getaway, I spend my working hours watching them feed giraffes whilest I feed myself a granola bar, and I'm left with nothing but a desire to go on a Afrique c'est chic adventure. As is usually the case, I'll make do with watching some Planet Earth and imagining what I would have packed. 

Headband - Zara// Leopard Earrings - Zara// Blazer - Zara// Panama Hat - Zara// Bikini Top - Juan De Dios// Bikini Bottom - Juan De Dios// Beaded Hoop Earrings - Deepa Gurnani// Croc Bucket Bag - Trademark// White Beaded Earrings - Deepa Gurnani