Ear Candy

I need another pair of fun earrings like I need a hole in the head. Big, colorful earrings are my weakness, so when Over the Moon asked me to pick my favorite summertime statement pieces, I went with my tried and true motto: the bigga, the betta. Spice up your earlobes, peoples. 

Cosmic Earrings - We Dream in Colour// Silver Branch Stud - Gabrielle Jewelry// Tutti Frutti Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Petal Topknots - Hart Hagerty// Silver & Pearl Earrings - Mi Golondrina// Mismatched Triple Tier Earrings - Roxanne Assoulin

NST: Cloisonné & Pearls are a Girl's Best Friend

Natalia Teran is a friend and fellow Miami native who recently launched NST, the name behind these handmade cloisonné & pearl beaded earrings. The idea was to design something that was beautiful, but not too trendy; something versatile, but not too run-of-the-mill. The result are earrings that look just as chic with a silk slip as they do with jeans and a tee. I could wear them in a bikini as easily as I could at the office (lolz isn't that the same thing? JK I wish). In other words, they've cracked the code.  

The cloisonné beads are hand painted - a process that takes months - and together with the authentic fresh water pearls, fit an aesthetic that goes hand in hand with the silk kimono-over jeans, cat eye sunglasses, red lips, cocktail-in-hand cool girl vibes that are dominating my 2018 air waves. 

I love them because although they have intricate detailing, they are uniquely simple; there's nothing quite like them out there. I also love them because they run $40-70, making them the most New Years-resolution-budget-friendly pair I own. Getcha' some. 

NST's website is currently under construction. To purchase a pair, send a direct message via Instagram to @_____nst______ or send me an email!