All Aboard the One-Piece Train

Blame it on the utility-aspect or on being preggo (say what?! yes - I've decided to just drop that ever-so-nonchalantly in a "oh, this old thing?"-esque way, because the focus of this blog ain't me and my ever-expanding corpus, it's FASH-UN!), but I'm all aboard the one-piece train. I may even be in the running for conductor (tootin' my own horn because the pun is too good not to) after Over the Moon asked me to round up a few of my favorites. There's just something about being able to feel Baywatch-confident in a swimsuit while also not fearing a slight (or substantial) beer (or baby) belly that encapsulates the power of the one piece. It's a worthy investment, so here are some worthy contenders. 

Crochet One Piece - She Made Me// Swan Swimsuit - Verde Limon// Floral Strapless One Piece - Malai Swimwear