The Summer Weekend Escape

My personal favorite part about the summer season is the weekend escape. Something about the three-month vacation you used to have as a student mentality lingers on, leaving me absolutely antsy pants come every Friday. So whether its by road or air or sea, I'm ready to pack my bags and get going... to anywhere, really. 

So when Over the Moon asked me to put together a weekend-in-the-Hamptons packing list-collage, I tapped into that get-me-outta-here state of mind and blew some dust off the ole' I went-to-Talkhouse-back-in-my-day memories. And so I leave you with some words I *literally* just came up with: nothing is worse than getting to your destination and realizing you forgot to pack something, and nothing is better than having all you need (for 48 hours) in a carry on. 

Pareo - India Amory// Pajama Set - Lake Pajamas// Monogram Cosmetic Bag - Over the Moon