Florida, the Whole Week Through

Just some old, sweet friends, keeps Florida on my mind.

Excuse my state this week - I'm in one of those conditions you find yourself in when there are a few days standing between you and your best college friends reuniting in Florida to celebrate a bachelorette party. It inevitably leaves you quite distracted, as the only way to keep from looking at the minutes go (excruciatingly slowly) by on your desk computer clock is by daydreaming of the beach, a three-day weekend, and the kindred souls you get to see a few times a year. In other words, I'm hasta la vista, baby. 

Double Flower Earring - Ana Mari Ortega// Mini Poppy Round Leather Bag - The Freya Brand// Rose Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Iris Flower Yellow Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel// Pink Shoulder Bag - Cos// Printed Culottes - Zara