Wishin' & Workin' & Wantin' a Wardrobe

When you give a gal a new job, she'll want some new work clothes (no heels allowed). And some time to catch up with the rest of her life - but that may be too much to ask.

This is my way of apologizing for being a teensy-weensy M-I-A lately (it ain't ever too late to say sorr-ay) and for bringing you the good tidings & joy that I am back to being glued behind a computer screen (aka back in your lives). So feel free to reach out with any upcoming fall shindigs you need some wardrobe inspo of your own for - think of it as my way of not clogging your airwaves with the everyday hustle & bustle of my glamorous life (e.g. on today's agenda - exploring a new, unexplored corridor of the Houston tunnels and possibly making it to cookie happy hour at Michael's Cookie Jar (2 for 1 from 2-3pm = SCAN-DA-LOUS! ). Don't give up hope just yet - Friday is only a day away. 

Leather Satchel - Cuyana// Planner - Graphic Image// Scarf - Sabina Savage// Suede Bag - Neely and Chloe// Gold Studs - ASHA by ADM// Skull Loafers - Stubbs & Wootton