Waking Up In Vegas with Over The Moon

Mondays and Vegas are combo that is best described with my one of my favorite Cuban sayings: "arroz con mango." Literal translation: rice with mango - aka no bueno. In other words, the pairing of these things is not regarded as something easy, enjoyable, or natural; it's a disorderly, if not altogether repulsive, twosome.

But today we turn such associations inside out, because on this Monday morning my mind is in Sin City thanks to the fabulous powers that be at Over the Moon. The wedding website to top all wedding websites asked little old me to put together a post on a Las Vegas bachelorette wardrobe. And now all I want to do is hop on a flight to LAS and never, ever shake the glitter off my clothes. Check out the post here and start planning your own trip to the strip with OTM's Las Vegas Travel Guide.

Playing Card Earrings - Jennifer Loiselle// Playsuit - C/MEO Collective// Playing Cards Clutch - Olympia LeTan (via The Real Real)// Black Top - C/MEO Collective