Moon Over Miami: My Wedding

Today I got to relive my own wedding with Over the Moon, the wedding website I just can't seem to stop yapping about.

And before directing you that way, I feel like I must acknowledge the risk in doing this. Not because I'm showcasing my wannabe-party-planner-slash-stylist amateur skills for the internet to judge - because I do that every damn day. But because I'm stepping dangerously close to the border of "this-girl-needs-to-get-over-her-wedding" town. We all know this town and we all like to think we can banish brides of yesteryear to this town, but allow me to put on my public-defender-no-one-asked-for-or-really-wants hat for a second (or don't allow me, I'ma do it anyway).

Sharing your wedding is sharing a very special part of you - it's all the people and places and things you love wrapped up in a weekend that flies by too quickly. So getting to relive it any which way is the only means of being able to feel like you are back in your favorite place with all your favorite people and things on your favorite day. Think of it like a gals own Pensieve a la Harry Potter - it's just. like. that.

So here is my personal Pensieve, courtesy of the duo-Dumbledores at Over the Moon, Alexandra Macon & Andee Olson (just as wise and just as loveable). Most of the stuff my bridesmaids and I wore is no longer in stock, but I linked similar styles below because I lurve ya.