9 to 5 Valentine

Over the Moon asked me to pull some festive-yet-office-appropriate looks for the upcoming holiday, since the majority of us (myself included) will be spending most of next Wednesday on the clock. Is there a better way to spend Lov-ahs Day than showing off how much you love the holiday, yourself, and your co-workers with some on-theme attire? Sure there is - but we'll save that part for when we leave the office. 

Stone Heart Earrings - Addison Weeks// Rose Top - Zara// Pink & Red Bag - Zara// Heart Heels - Zara

Monumental Monday

My walk to work is usually 15 minutes and is usually made up of my taking mental laps around the week's to-do list. This morning, however, there was something different in the stale air of the downtown Houston tunnels. It may have something to do with the Astros' epic win last night or perhaps its just the witchy vibes the universe is directing my way. The point is I imagined I was wearing this - and with my powers of self-delusion alone - I am feeling quite invincible. Now imagine how monumental I would feel if I actually owned any of it... 

Velvet Bag - Staud Clothing// Saffiano Day Planner - Neely & Chloe

Wishin' & Workin' & Wantin' a Wardrobe

When you give a gal a new job, she'll want some new work clothes (no heels allowed). And some time to catch up with the rest of her life - but that may be too much to ask.

This is my way of apologizing for being a teensy-weensy M-I-A lately (it ain't ever too late to say sorr-ay) and for bringing you the good tidings & joy that I am back to being glued behind a computer screen (aka back in your lives). So feel free to reach out with any upcoming fall shindigs you need some wardrobe inspo of your own for - think of it as my way of not clogging your airwaves with the everyday hustle & bustle of my glamorous life (e.g. on today's agenda - exploring a new, unexplored corridor of the Houston tunnels and possibly making it to cookie happy hour at Michael's Cookie Jar (2 for 1 from 2-3pm = SCAN-DA-LOUS! ). Don't give up hope just yet - Friday is only a day away. 

Leather Satchel - Cuyana// Planner - Graphic Image// Scarf - Sabina Savage// Suede Bag - Neely and Chloe// Gold Studs - ASHA by ADM// Skull Loafers - Stubbs & Wootton