Q: How do I avoid looking really cheesy on my Bachelorette Party? A: By looking just a little bit cheesy

I was recently asked to assist a bride-to-be in finding some outfit ideas for her upcoming bachelorette, with the added challenge of sourcing looks that were not too cheesy. I call this a challenge because when it comes to both life and diet, I am a cheese fiend. Indeed, almost a year ago I was celebrating my bachelorette in Nashville and planned not one but two themed activities: a Dolly Parton-inspired glitter bomb evening and a Nash-Vegas barge daytime fandango. I know what you're thinking: my poor, poor friends

Of course, I understand not every bride wants to subject her bachelorette attendees to a forced let's-play-dress-up-all-weekend situation like I so graciously did, and if you fall into this camp then there are ways to keep things fun-yet-understated-yet-fun. Just throw me bone and include a disco ball or a flamingo or something.   

Flower Headband - Lizzie Fortunato// Off the Shoulder Top - Mi Golondrina// White Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Monogram Clutch - Mariella Vilar// White Dress - The Reformation// Woven Clutch - Sarah Sharp// Blue Earrings - Ranjana Khan