Forecast Says: No End in Sight for Wedding Season

Let me guess - you know at least one person who got engaged in the last couple days. Let me guess again - you have at least one wedding to attend in the coming month. Let me guess one more time - you're not in the mood to think about what you're going to wear to said wedding. 

You just relax, RSVP and leave what to wear part to moi. Because even better than catching the bouquet is winning BDWG (best dressed wedding guest). No, I've never caught a bouquet - but I have a funky feeling you would prefer a photo of yourself lookin' fly versus looking like this

Red Earrings - Tres Almas// Gold Bag - Staud Clothing// Pink Raffia Bag - Santi// White Flower Earrings - Ken Samudio// Light Blue Clutch - Solipsis