One Way Ticket to Margaritaville

What was that? You want to know what I'm doing this weekend? Oh, nothing. Just taking my first tennis lesson in give or take 10 years in an attempt to unleash my inner Johanna Konta - I'm convinced she is lurking in there somewhere (and believe you me I'll report back if she is). No physical weekend activity is complete (or worthwhile) unless it is followed by a treat yo'self pursuit - and this fateful Saturday afternoon it's the annual Margarita Tour, which entails making various pit-stops around Houston in search for the best limey-tequila concoction. In other words, I'm just living my best life this weekend and I hope you all do the same. 

XOXO, Girl-who-will-embarrass-herself-on-the-court-before-embarrassing-herself-at-the-bar

Lime Clutch - Charlotte Olympia (via eBay)// Margarita & Lime Friendship Bracelets - Venessa Arizaga// Vintage Flower Earrings - Etsy