Make One-Pieces Great Again

This time last year I was in the initial stages of gearing up the stress factory that was my body before the bar exam and wedding planning. A year later, the most "stressful" thing on today's forecast is deciding what food court vendor I should visit for lunch (yes, my indecisiveness actually brings me more anxiety than an assignment deadline). This is all to say that the bikinis my pale-shivering-with-nerves-but-maybe-I'll-take-a-study-break body rocked last summer aren't necessarily doing me a favor this summer. Which is why as of late I've gone full throttle one-piece, and am writing to convince you to do the same. 

The advantages of the full-piece bathing suit are plentiful, so as not to bore you (don't we love discussing bathing suit bodies during our lunch hour?!) I'll highlight my favorite benefits, sparknote style:

  1. You still get tan in all the right - and more importantly - necessary places. Is there truly a need to tan the stomach? It's not like you're going out to dinner with belly exposed and if you are then there are other, more pertinent issues you may (seriously) need to attend to.
  2. The cover-up situation is at its easiest: just throw on a bottom. And big earrings (to keep your ear lobes from getting wet!!!)
  3. Something about a one-piece helps tone down your otherwise in-your-face obnoxious personality with a vibe of modest, old-school flare. Even if you sound like a seagull from up close, from far away you still look like a vintage bathing beauty.  
  4. Perhaps the greatest perk of all: indulge in all the croissants, rosรฉ, and butter-based substances your little heart desires since the spandex of the suit works as a natural sucking-in mechanism for your tummy. Give this face to all the poor souls in string bikinis who look at you with envious longing as you take a big 'ole bite. You know I did. 

Tassel Earrings - Hart Hagerty// Garnet Cat Eye Glasses - Le Specs// Gingham Bathing Suit - Solid & Striped// Light Blue Culottes - Club Monaco// Flower Slides - Zara// Red Lipstick - YSL (Le Rouge)// Rose Mirrored Sunglasses - Le Specs// Bustier Bathing Suit - Tory Burch// Pink Flower Earrings - Kate Spade//  Pink Shorts - Paper London// Scarf - Pucci// White Bathing Suit - Michael Kors// Black Shorts - J. Crew// Red Earrings - Ken Samudio// Black Round Sunglasses - Le Specs// Black Bathing Suit - Same Swim// Floral Pants - Zara// Monogram Straw Tote - Mariella Vilar

(filtered) photographic evidence

(filtered) photographic evidence