Q: How do you Flora & Fauna? A: With a South Texas Inspired Frock-A

On the agenda this weekend is a (drrrrrumrrrrollll): themed par-tay!!! During my college glory days of yore I never understood those girls who would shoot death stares in my (ahem) social chair direction as I would contemplate all the themed party options aloud. Sure, wearing normal clothes is easier, but are we not the members of the "the first Greek letter fraternity known among women"? If we are the hard-working, goal-oriented femme fatales we make ourselves out to be on paper should we not also flaunt our skills on our person while rising to meet a dress code challenge?! You may think I digress here, but when a themed party invitation lands on my lap I channel that same go-getter attitude I did back in 2010, when I spent hours glue-gunning strips of tissue paper to an American Apparel dress in order to be the most authentic piñata frat city had ever seen (we will save that photo evidence for a rainy day). 

"Flora and Fauna" is the theme of choice for Saturday's shindig, which will take place at a ranch in South Texas. Now I will admit this particular theme, being so broad as to encompass the entire plant and animal kingdom, could get a little tricky. But by drawing inspiration from the venue's iconic ecosystem (in this case, peacocks, cattle, cacti & butterflies), not only do you get bonus points for sticking a theme within a theme (meta, baby), but you also up your chances of having a photo opp with the living, breathing creature you're emulating (helloOo, likes). Got a good themed party in the queue? Holla at your gurl - we can have a beautiful-symbiotic-inspiration-filled-brain-storming-session (I pinky promise to not to be as overwhelming as I sound).

Feather Top - Pucci// Feather Skirt - Alice McCall// Feather Drop Earrings - Marte Frisnes// Peacock Clutch - Kate Spade// Teal Heels - Marco de Vicenzo// Horn Earrings - Katherine Cordero// Embroidered Crop Top - Josie Natori// Suede Pants - Theory// Calf Hair Clutch - Rebecca Minkoff// Bone Heels - Alexander McQueen// Pink Organza Flower Top - Bambah// Metallic Green Pants - Prada// Cactus Purse - Charming Charlie// Cactus Slides - Kate Spade// White Flower Earrings - Marni// Butterfly Dress - Yuliya Magdych// Butterfly Clutch - Nancy Gonzalez// Gold Mules - Loeffler Randall