Disco Fields of French Florals

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that while boppin' around St. Tropez boutiques I was jotting down the names of brands and designers off the tags of some fab frenchy finds? Well pictured below are a few of the style souvenirs I brought back for ya -  it's a organza floral brocade silken lamé extravaganza and each is meant to be worn under the soft, glamorous glow of a revolving disco ball. It even says so on the tags (if my nonexistent understanding of the French language serves me right). 

Polka Dot Brocade Top - Nadya Dyzak// Polka Dot Brocade Shorts - Nadya Dyzak// White Floral Top - Roseanna// Black Floral Skirt - Roseanna// Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana// Metallic Pink Shirt - Michel Klein// Flower Lace Top - Nadya Dzyak// Yellow Pants - Nadya Dzyak// Lamé Ruffle Top - Roseanna// Lamé Floral Pants - Roseanna// Pink Brocade Dress - Manoush// Lilac Brocade Dress - Nadya Dzyak