Dress Me like one of those French Girls

Whether I (or you) like it or not, I am back from my travels and officially back in your lives. My radio silence had purpose, as I treated my trip to St. Tropez as part-vacay, part shopping research mission, feeling a responsibility to contribute (however so insignificantly) to cracking the forever unsolvable "how to do anything like a French girl" code.

In case you were worried I would return as a too-cool-for-school-I-summer-in-the-south-of-France-and-have-lost-interest-in-my-overexposed-blogging-American-ways, fear not. As if my overdoing it on the Instas weren't enough, find comfort in knowing that upon entering each store and being greeted with a "Bonjour madame!", I responded with deer-in-headlight look and a gringafied "Bawn-jur! HELLO!". That, together with my creepy habit of taking photos of all the tags and brand names (research!), was probs enough to solidify my last place in line to the cool French girl club. C'est la vie.

Our first stop on my Tour de Tropez takes us to Rue Gambetta, where we find the Chelsea-based boutique Baar & Bass, whose racks are lined with some of the chicest beach-to-bar ensembles. Silk tops and jumpsuits, embroidered smock dresses, and big crochet accessories are just a few of the necessary elements needed to master the bon vivant look of ze French Riviera. Just add a glass of rosé and you're already one step closer to being a little less Rachel Dratch, a little more Bridge Bardot. 

Rose Mirrored Glasses - Krewe// Leopard Blouse - Rixo London// Satin Shorts - Paloma Blue// French Candles - Bella Freud// Pink Halter Jumpsuit - Seren London// Red Gingham Top - Innika Choo// Red Gingham Shorts - Innika Choo// Fruit Hoops - Mercedes Salazar// Red Tassel Top - Baar & Bass// Blue Hoops - Mercedes Salazar// Green Print Jumpsuit - Seren London// Denim Embroidered Top - Innika Choo// Denim Embroidered Shorts- Innika Choo// Pink Hoops - Mercedes Salazar// Blue Tassel Top - Baar & Bass// Espadrilles - Mint & Rose (Blue, Tan, Yellow)// Embroidered Smock Dresses - Innika Choo (Blue Gingham, Lemon, Peach)// Evil Eye Bracelet - Alexandra B.