Q: What should I wear to the Stewards of the Wild Zoo Party tomorrow? A: Something Wild (insert smug face emoji here)

PSA: If you are: 1) In Houston, 2) looking to have a wild & crazy time tomorrow afternoon and 3) want to up your street cred while also supporting a good cause, look no further than the Stewards of the Wild "Keep Houston Wild" event at the Houston Zoo (yes yes yes).  Do you have anything better to do on a Thursday afternoon than to share your time with the animals and some of the leading figures in conservation and habitat management? I didn't think so. Get the deets and an idea of what to wear below. 

Cheetah Heels - Ann Taylor// White Cat Clutch - Loewe// Khaki One Shoulder Top - Sea NY// Gingham Crop Top - Tome// Tribal Print Skirt - Isa Arfen// White Snake Earrings - Lako Bukia// Pink Elephant Purse - Loewe// Pink Pom Pom Heel - Ann Mashburn// Snake Dress - MSGM// Teal Tassel Heels - Katy Perry Collection// Cheetah Pants - Stella McCartney// Beige Hoops - Mercedes Salazar// Zebra Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Jaguar Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Parrot Clutch - Serpui// Toucan Clutch - Serpui// Tiger Jacquard Dress - Giamba// Tiger Print Dress - Paule Ka// Feather Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Parrot Earrings - Elizabeth Cole// Zebra Heels - Gucci// Khaki Halter Dress - Ulla Johnson