There's a Place in France

This afternoon yours truly is jetting off to Nice to celebrate two very special friends who are getting married in Saint Tropez on Friday. I know - this isn't something I can pull off dropping casually - so rest assured I look just like this every time I say/type it. There is no such thing as a calm, cool and collected pre-interational travel Natalie, and she certainly isn't going to come into existence today. 

The only thing standing in the way of me and the Côte d'Azur are some billable hours, a 10-ish hour flight, and avoiding being strangled by my husband who has to put up with my travel antics, which unfortunately for him last much longer than 10 hours. Said antics include unwelcome selfies on the plane (must. document. every. moment.), asking him (averaging once per hour) if he's as excited as I am, waking him up to tell him about the horrible charlie horse I got (zero water + lots of vino = cramp city), explaining that the reason the air around us smells like fake tanner is because that's exactly what it is (don't hate the playa, hate the game), complaining about how my swollen feet no longer fit in my slip-on sneaks (see earlier comment about not hydrating), and inevitably choosing movies that end in a can't-breathe-out-my-nose-anymore sob fest (guess I'll have to reapply the face tanner during the layover). T minus 7 hours for takeoff, bébé.

Striped Tie Dress - Ann Mashburn// Red, White & Blue Dress - Dolce & Gabbana// Puff Sleeve Dress - Caroline Constas// Tortoise Sunglasses - Carla Colour// Headband - Benoit Missolin// Red, White & Blue Bathing Suit - Solid & Striped// Le Weekend Espadrilles - South Parade// Acrylic Champagne Earrings - Etsy// Bon Voyage Pouch - Lizzie Fortunato// Red, White & Blue Clutch - Clare V.// iPhone Camera Folio - Kate Spade// Passport Cover - Paravel