Let's Make Pride Year a Thing

Did you know this month is LGBTQ Pride Month? Just when I thought I had to wait until July for my next holiday, I find out that the entire month of June (to commemorate the June 1969 Stonewall riots) is a parades-parties-and-festival filled celebration of the impact LGBT people have had in the world. Leave it to the LGBTQ community to 1) win the we-know-how-to-party-better-than-you-do award and 2) make me feel like I've been taking an extended stay in la la land (not the good kind). You know it's bad when the Library of Congress knows about Pride Month ("the purpose of the commemorative month is to recognize the impact that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have had on history locally, nationally, and internationally") and you don't. I mean, yes - the LOC amasses much more info than I could ever retain, but for it to know of a party before I do? No bueno.  

BUT in all fairness to moi, I didn't realize that June was the month. We can go into what this says about my news/life resources, but let's not. Instead, let's talk about how just this morning GQ published an article that discusses how pride festivals are becoming the new vacation itinerary, due in part to their temporal frequency: "you don’t have to limit yourself to June; you can hop from Pride to Pride every single month of the year". So maybe it isn't Pride Month anymore, but Pride Year. All it takes is a second to reflect on the immeasurable impact members of the LGBTQ community have had on my life to make me consider writing to the Library of Congress to tell it what's up (whose schoolin' who now?!). And I don't need to mention how good a years-worth of rainbow-clad festivities sounds, do I?

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