'Cause I Only Got Eyes for Blue

One of my Insta followers recently asked me if I could put together a nautical-type themed collage with longer, floor-length options. Your wish is my command, honey bunny.

Blue & white stripes seem like they're dominating the air waves recently and as a I'd-tattoo-"light-blue-4-eva"-on-my-shoulder-cuz-thats-how-much-I-lurve-it kinda gal, I'm totally okay with that. But sometimes a girl needs more options than the off-the-shoulder seersucker that everyone and their mamasitas are rockin' (don't get me wrong - I got blue & white stripes a plenty & I got off-the-shoulders galore). But you want more - you want that shade of blue ensemble you won't feel silly for buying when you see a replica priced at 1/10th the price next week on a is-this-website-even-real? online store. I've been there, and I got you. And I won't let anything stand in the way of our azure-cyan-navy-cobalt-cornflower blue love affair. 

White Ruffle Top - Keepsake// Bird Ruffle Skirt - Peter Pilotto// Blue Evening Bag - Hayden Lasher// Seersucker Dress - Staud// Striped Mules - No. 21// Striped Bon Bons - Rebecca DeRavenel// Striped Bustier & Pant - Sandra Weill (Top, Bottom)// Striped Tote - Antonello Tedde// Strapless Striped Gown - Halston// Acrylic Striped Clutch - Edie Parker// Ruffle Tartan Dress - Gemasach// Striped Sandals - Nanette by Nanette Lepore