Binging on: Binge Knitting

What is Binge Knitting? Oh it's just the brand I discovered this week that makes handmade luxury knitwear and accessories in Monterrey, Mexico and also happens to be the name behind my new favorite summa-time accessory. No biggie. 

The label prides itself on adhering to an "upcycled process" whereby they gather the "waste" generated by fashion textile factories and take these clips and fibers to a recycling center, where they in turn are repurposed into the unique yarns used to make the affordable, sustainable and high-quality knitted totes and clutches. If you can't tell, I pride myself on finding these tasseled eco-friendly pieces that would compliment your beachwear/mexican top/white-jeans-with-something uniform perfectly. The bags come in a variety of styles and fun colors, providing that extra pop of something you've been needing. I know what you're thinking - say no more, woman, I'm sold - so I'll just zip it and send you here, where you can shop your little heart-in-need-of-a-knitted-something away. 

Knit Bags - Binge Knitting// Black Ruffle Skirt & Top - Jill Stuart (Top, Skirt)