Beach Basket in Paradise: Mariella Vilar

(Yes, sung to the tune of Jimmy Buffet) While we're on the topic of tropical sabbaticals, now is as good a time as any to introduce you to one of my very favorite accessories brand: Mariella Vilar. Different bag styles (clutches, baskets, and purses of all sizes), different materials (straw, canvas, jute) and different colors (like so many it'll be hard to choose) - but all made to order, personalized, and painted with some TLC by the brand's namesake.  

Mariella Vilar bags came into my rotation around this time last year when I was on the hunt for a special way to thank the special ladies who hosted my bridal shower. They were a hit (and won't break yo' bank!). So when Mariella suggested I also treat myself to one with my new initials, who was I to not indulge? My navy and white striped straw basket accompanied me on all my honeymoon adventures and made for the perfect carry on bag. They make any freak look c'est chic - see evidence below.


If you need proof that one of these bags is exactly what you and your Insta have desperately been missing, see the way we (as in my basket and me together, forever) made ourselves at home at the Ka'ana Resort in Belize.