Q: What should I pack for my adult Spring Break? A: All of the things

There's nothing like a freezing weekend in NYC followed by a rainy Monday in Houston to make a gal dream of a beach vacay (preferably somewhere where wifi doesn't exist). To the lucky ones who may be taking an adult version of Spring Break in the near future, I'm more than happy to live vicariously through you - and to assist in putting together your packing list.

That's just what I did here for an amiga who recently jetted off to St Lucia. Word to the wise - its easy to fall into the trap of lusting over the sand-beneath-your-bronzed-toes-frozen-cocktail-in-hand-at-11am photos your spring breaking friends post; avoid such fomo-inducing behavior by (yes, I'm about to go there) finding your beach. And if such a quest means cranking up the heat in the apartment and treating yourself to a spiked 7-11 slushie (next stop, St. Slush-a), so be it.

Glitter Sunglasses - Gucci// Off the Shoulder Dress - Lemlem// Wood Clutch - Cult Gaia// Pink Bikini - Marysia// Pom Pom Earrings - Mercedes Salazar// Red Skirt - Maje// Stripe Bikini - Solid & Striped// Hat - Valdez// Yellow Dress - Tibi// Blue and White Bag - CJ Laing// White Bikini - Beach Riot// Blue Sunglasses - Krewe// Stripe Tank - Skin// Culottes - GAP (sold out, similar here)// Blue Woven Hoop Earrings - Lucy Folk// Yellow Bikini - Beach Riot// Black Spotted Sunglasses - Krewe// Black Dress - MISA Los Angeles// Black Bikini - Beach Riot// Pom Pom Straw Bag - CJ Laing