The Ultimate Woman Crush Wednesday

Happy International Women's Day, my fellow female goddesses. 

While it may be tempting to drown out the power-to-the-women messages flowing from every possible airwave today (don't I strive to be the walkin', talkin' embodiment of ladylike empowerment like, everyday?), I for one am going to try to pump up the frequency (literally). Use this global celebration as just that: a moment to acknowledge the value our sex brings to this big, bad world. We are the daughters of heroines, sisters of superwomen, stewards of friendship, and carriers of life - and we still go to work on our holiday

I'll leave you with the not-so-subtle reminder that there's a she devil in all of us capable of kicking ass and taking names. And, to quote my go-to (or listen to her, muchas gracias to Austin at SoulCycle this am for bringing this jam into my life): You're a grown woman, you can do whateva ya want. 

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