Houston's Hidden Gem: Annu's

As promised, today's post presents the inside scoop on Annu's, a family owned business located just off the Katy Freeway that sells some of the most unique, authentic, and well-priced statement jewelry from India and South Asia. This is the exact type of place that gets me doing a happy dance jiggity jig on the inside (think "hello my baby, hello my honey" moves a la WB Frog), while trying to remain composed on the outside (so as to not give off the impression I'm about to rob the place). 

And because I'm feeling particularly bossay today, here are the dos and don'ts of visiting this hole-in-the-wall Indian treasure trove:

  • Do make a pit stop on your way to/from San Antonio or Austin or whatever wild wild Western town you're headed to/from - it's about 10 mins past the Ikea
  • Don't think you're in the wrong place when you hit a strip mall in the middle of no-man's land dubbed "Market Place Antiques" that is essentially a bunch of pop-up vintage shops under one roof (where my jewels at?!)
  • Do allow your eyes to widen when you look at the prices of most of the pieces (most less and some just a little over a hundo)
  • Don't be like their other loyal customers who have refused to tell their friends about the store (that's been around for 6+ years) out of fear their "oh this old thing?" secrets will be exposed (ra-huude)
  • Do marvel at the store owner's ability to give you the background info on each bead on every piece - from where they originated to how they were dyed to how uh-mazin' they look on you
  • Don't stress about not being able to leave work early to go see this to-good-to-be-true-exotic-emporium (they're only open Fri-Sun, my dears)
  • Do permit yourself to have a moment when you learn that everything they carry is inspired by Iris Apfel: she is the store owner's muse and a living testament to the fact you'll be wearing anything you buy for longer than you think
  • Don't delay - Annu's is currently having a Rodeo sale and everything is 30% off (say what?!)
  • Do invest in some statement pieces that could easily transform a black-on-black or white-on-white outfit into a show-stopping ensemble - funk. it. UP!

PS. Don't fret if you're not a local and can't see Annu's for yourself - they have an Instagram account and have been selling pieces to any who so inquire.