Cuckoo for Culottes

Don't think you're cool enough to pull off the monochromatic modernistic look (yes I just made that up), with all its purposeful tailoring, minimal detailing and graphic silhouettes? Think again. Culottes have officially made a comeback and I'm welcoming them - however long this style ride lasts for - with open arms (bienvenido a mis piernas). And if you're in the market for a pair, Kick Pleat is where I'll send ya. 

Austin-based boutique Kick Pleat opened a River Oaks store last November and it brought with it just what H-Town needed: carefully curated, quality pieces by up and coming designers (Rachel Comey, A Piece Apart, Jesse Kamm, Isa Arfen, etc.) you won't find (in person) anywhere else. Here you'll encounter all the high-waisted, wide-legged trousers and beautiful, billowy blouses to pair them with your heart desires. Finding a way to make this look for you may be a bit daunting at first, but once you allow yourself to become enlightened to 1) how versatile these pieces can be (dress up, dress down, mix and match - aka use an item of clothing more than just a few times before gettin' sick of it), 2) how pairing these styles with a bold accessory can totally transform your look into a work of art (insert Italian chef kissing fingers motion here) and 3) how dang chic you look wearing them - you be drinking the kool-aid in no time. 

While doing my research on some of these labels, I stumbled upon these words by Jesse Kamm: "I believe we are on this spinning rock for a short time, so do what you love, and do it well."  That hits me where it hurts in a plethora of places - but it also leaves us with some wisdom to apply to today's post: culottes may only be around for a little while, but the love of not wearing tight white jeans in the Texas humidity will last longer - so wear them, and wear them well

Gold Earrings - ACB// Black Off the Shoulder Top - Rachel Comey// Orange Culottes - Jesse Kamm// Red Lucite Bangle - Lizzie Fortunato// Embroidered Clutch - Lizzie Fortunato// Red Tassel Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Bow Off the Shoulder Top - Isa Arfen// Navy Culottes - Samuji// Black and Gold Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Black Ruffle Top - Creatures of Comfort// Yellow Pants - Isa Arfen// Pink Lucite Bangle - Lizzie Fortunato// Pom Pom Mules - Rachel Comey