Be the Bird of The Ball

Today officially marks the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Perhaps you're questioning whether you should trust this blog as a source of credible information - or perhaps the humid 86 degrees Houston weather is all the convincing you need (proof is in the puddin'). 

And while (if nothing else, trust me on this) I'm not one to welcome the coming of the so-hot-you-gotta-peel-your-thighs-off-the-car-seat temperature change, there are silver linings to this time of year. A big one being that it's finally seasonally appropriate to take some inspo from our feathered friends and dress like a flamingo (if you just said that to the tune of walk like an egyptian we are on the same page).

Fun fact (aren't I just full of 'em today) - it's somewhat of a mystery why flamingos stand on one leg. Just like there's no satisfactory explanation for this behavior, there should be no need to justify why you feel compelled to rock out with your frock out. So wear your pink plumage with pride and be the bird of the ball - zero shrimps given. 

Flamingo Earrings - Elizabeth Cole// Flamingo Dress - Silvia Tcherassi// Burst Earrings - Johanna Ortiz// Feather Heels - Topshop// Pink Jumpsuit - J.Crew// Clutch - Lizzie Fortunato// Pink Feather Earrings - Lizzie Fortunato// Pink Feather Top - Prada// Fringe Raffia Dress- Angel Chen// Flamingo Bracelet - Nach Bijoux