When Shotgun Willie & Noe Come to Town

Today's post is dedicated to the two men who will be clogging my brainwaves this weekend (sorray huzband) - Willie Nelson and Noe Perez (huh?).

Willie's playing at the Rodeo this afternoon - and I for one can't wait to see the 83 year old legend go to town. Riddle me this: is there anything more iconic than Willie's bandana headband? There ain't. So I styled my version of the bandana - which is really an embellished scarf necklace by Roarke NYC, an accessories brand co-founded by a fellow UVA alum (wahoo-wa, mamasitas) offering vibrant, beautiful and so-different-in-the-best-way hand beaded pieces. They're my go-to way to spice up an outfit without thinking and I'm positive Willie would approve (little cherry on top to the band of gypsies look we're both going for). 

On Thursday I went to a viewing of Noe Perez's latest collection: Allures of the Wild Horse Desert and the Colors of South Texas at William Reaves I Sarah Foltz Fine Art. As a non-native Texan who feels like she has spent a good chunk of her life looking outside the car window while riding southbound on US-59 (how much longer until Buc-ees?), I could immediately grasp what makes Noe's pieces so inviting. To the regular eye, they are beautiful landscapes (see a few below). But to the eye belonging to the worn and weary traveler who braved the bumpa-to-bumpa to make it to [insert name of South Texas destination here] by dinnertime, Noe's art captures that "five-hour-drive-was-totally-worth-it-why-don't-we-move-here-don't-ever-make-me-leave" feeling you get when its mid-Saturday and you're surrounded by friends, in the middle of no-cell-service land, in awe of how expansive and untouched and beautiful the Texas countryside can be. And to the eyes who actually grew up in the Wild Horse Dessert, the paintings are the backdrop of life as they know it - the pieces are the settings of childhood memories and the truest depictions of home.

I was able to briefly talk with Noe at the reception - about (yep, you guessed it) the Sunday Scaries. Although he isn't familiar with this term (as far as I know), Noe told me about his "regular" job as an engineer in Corpus Christi and how the highlight of his day is going home to his studio. But I nearly choked on my bacon-wrapped something when he said the dread of returning to the office on Monday gets him reeling with ideas on Sundays, which have become the day of inspiration (tell me about it, Stud). So there you have it - just like that, I've officially found my Sunday Scary spirit animal and he left me looking forward to tomorrow. 

Tribal Scarf Necklace - Roarke NYC// Chambray Top - Frame// Port Suede Pants - Rag & Bone// Chocolate Crocodile Mini Bag - Elizabeth Purpich// Suede Booties - Tecovas// Cowhide Bag - Elizabeth Purpich// Striped Top - Veronica Beard// Red Scarf Necklace - Roarke NYC// Green Suede Pants - Rag & Bone// Brown Cowboy Boots - Tecovas// Bandana Scarf Necklace - Roarke NYC// Off the Shoulder Denim Top - Intermix// Western Belt - Maison Boinet// Black Leather Pants - Rag & Bone// Black Crocodile Mini Bag - Elizabeth Purpich// Black Booties - Tecovas