Leprechaun Chic

Is there even such a thing? Before answering that - let me enlighten you to the peculiar fun fact that there are no words for "yes" or "no" in the Irish language (that's like so totally blarney to me but whatevs). Instead, the Mac'Daddies and O'Doogles of the world typically respond with "I do/don't understand," "I would/wouldn't like," or "it is/it isn't."

So - for the sake of all things emerald and St. Patty's Day festive (R.I.P. St. Fratty's Day days of yore), to that I say (not in accent, since for some reason it's coming out very Borat-esque): I do believe it is possible to look like a fab while wearing all green, and I would (very much) like all the items pictured below. 

Jacket - Alix of Bohemia// Leather Pants - J Brand// Octopus Keychain - Min and Mon// Tassel Earrings - Hart// Metallic Bodysuit - Zara// Green Pants - Diane Von Furstenberg// Jewel Mules - Jeffrey Cambell// Emerald Earrings - Nicola Bathie// Crop Top - Selva Negra// Printed Pants - Etro// Sage Sandals - No 21// Rainbow Keychain - Edie Parker// Jumpsuit - Nookie Wood// Ombre Drop Earrings - Rebecca De Ravenel// Patent and Ruffle Sandals - Toga Pulla