Q: What do I wear to a Wonderland themed party? A: Depends - What Kind of Crazy do you identify with?

If you're anything like me, when a friend seeks your help for an Alice and Wonderland themed party of epic proportion she's attending this summer, your mind starts reeling (feed your head!). I have been a patron of the themed party arts since I can remember, so this assignment is of the type to immediately induce a creepy grin on my face (like Jim Carrey Dumb & Dumber style smile).

Naturally, it was impossible to limit myself to just one character - so I went with three, each inspired by the type of lunacy we or those we call near and dear fall victim to at parties after a few too many adult beverages. The Red Queen is for the type of individual who gets aggressively unhinged, spewing sharp and saucy retorts to anyone who unknowingly engages her in a game of small talk (I sympathize with this individual - I admit I often am her). The Mad Hatter suits you if you're the type of mentally deranged specimen whose attended one too many Burning Mans to remember why you're at the affair to begin with; your eyes look out in different directions, you have lost all semblance of time and reality, and yet you are still the life of the party. And then there's the Cheshire Cat, for the party attendee who somehow always manages to appear out of thin air (she doesn't even go here!) and suck you into the type of incomprehensible conversation that has you praying for an escape (someone make eye contact with me - somebody, anybody). 

So here's to the insane party goers: may be know them, may we be them, may we go wild with them. 

Earrings - Chanel// Dress - Alexander McQueen// Love Headband - Dolce Gabbana// Sunglasses - A Rock on a Lens// Heart Clutch - Edie Parker// Queen of Hearts Purse - Dolce Gabbana// Heart Heels - Express

Pussy Bow Blouse - Mary Katrantzou// Waistcoat - Temperley London// Velvet Pants - ALC// Clock Earrings - Dolce Gabbana// Alice in Wonderland Hat - Etsy// Metallic Pumps - Gucci// Face Clutch - Erin Fetherston// Eye Clutch - Kayu

Neon Earrings - Mignonne Gavigan// Jumpsuit - Missoni// Cat Ears with Veil - Dynamite// Stole - Etro// Cat Bag - Lulu Guinness// Pink Metallic Mules - Gucci// Pink Glitter Eyelashes - Etsy