Marvelous MLK Plans: Binge-Watch Mrs. Maisel

Netflix & Chill? More like Amazon & Wake-Up-Wishing-You-Were-An-Aspiring-1950s-Comedian. My pals at Over the Moon asked me to make a collage inspired by the Golden Globe-winning show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. "Doing my research" ended up with me finishing Season 1 in less than three days, contemplating whether it was a mistake to never try stand-up, and seriously considering incorporating a pill-box hat into my wardrobe (what is the next themed party on my horizon?). 

I won't go into the details of the show since OTM gives a better teaser-pleaser than I could, but I will say the series deserves the hype. It gives me all the good Mad Men vibes without the why-is-the-only-female-who-stands-a-chance-annoying-Peggy-Olson? aftertaste (sorry, Elizabeth Moss doesn't do 50's for me the way she slays in Gilead - blessed be her fruit). So if you didn't have MLK weekend plans before, consider yourself booked & hooked.