Getting Cozy with Cloche

As a pseudo-adult, I approach taking down Christmas decorations the first week of January in much the same way I approached getting shots at the doctor’s office as a child: make it quick, don’t think about it, and know that no matter what you do, you will hate every second of it. Also, don’t be ashamed to cry a little bit.

So when I read Cloche team member Laura Nell Burton’s blog post on the roller coaster of emotion that was decorating and un-decorating her personal Christmas tree when she was a child, I said a whole bunch of mental “amen, gurl”-s. But more to the point, her words consoled me in much the same way a fancy Lisa Frank band-aid would post-shot as a young tot/preteen, because they introduced me to the possibility of believing in January-love-after-Christmas-love.

By repurposing Christmas trees as a January “Dinner in the Woods” party décor, the genius that is Laura Nell gave some beloved Douglas Firs one last hurrah – a victory lap, if you will. Read about her one-man’s-old-tree-is-a-fab-party-planner’s-treasure experience here, and how the winter wonderland can continue even after Santa calls it a night. The event had no shortage of signature Cloche touches: beautiful centerpieces made by hand, on-theme bites & cocktails, sentimental surprises, and an overall fabulous aesthetic. The “fur, flats, and flannel” dress code of the party inspired this collage, which in turn has also inspired me to embrace every opportunity for cozy-celebrations this month has to offer.

Pink Geometric Earrings - Oscar De La Renta// Faux Fur Bag - STAUD Clothing// Tweed Flats - Zara//