White on White

Fun Friday fact: apparently It wasn't until Queen Victoria (that little fashion-forward chica pictured below) married her cousin (eesh) Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg in February 10, 1840 that wearing white on your wedding became a "thing." Before Queen Vic the brides traditionally wore red - lovely color, but not ideal for the delicate-little-flower look brides today are going for.

So today's post is dedicated to Queen Victoria (thank you), brides-to-be looking for some white numbers (you're welcome), and Over the Moon for inspiring all my wedding madness this week (it's been a magical ride).

Embellished Necktie - Abbie Walsh// White Eyelet Dress - Alice McCall// Mug Cuff - Balenciaga// Happily Ever After Clutch - Sophia Webster// White Long Sleeve Dress - Efrain Mogollon// Wifey for Lifey Sandals - Sophia Webster